The Prince Of Egypt (Review)

The Prince Of Egypt

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Director: Scott SCHWARTZ

Music and Lyrics: Stephen SCHWARTZ

Book: Philip LAZEBNIK

Choreography: Sean CHEESMAN

Set Design: Kevin DEPINET

Costume Design: Jon DRISCOLL

Lighting design: Mike BILLINGS

Sound Design: Gareth OWEN

Projection Design: Jon DRISCOL

Illusion Design: Chris FISHER

Orchestrations: August ERIKSMOEN

Musical Supervision and Arrangements: Dominick AMENDUM

Musical Director: Dave ROSE

Casting  Director: Jim ARNOLD


Simbi AKANDE, Christine ALLADO, Casey AL-SHAQSY, Joe ATKINSON, Danny BECKER, Felipe BEJERANO, Luke BRADY, Pàje CAMPBELL, Mercedesz CSAMPAI, Joe DIXON, Adam FILIPE, Soophia FOROUGHI, Natalie GREEN, Jack HARRISON-COOPER, Rachael IRESON, Kalene JEANS, Alexia KHADIME, Christian KNIGHT, Debbie KURUP, Jessica LEE, Oliver LIDERT, Jay MARSH, Scott MAURICE, Carly MILES, Sam OLADEINDE, Adam PEARCE, Alice READIE, Christopher SHORT, Tanisha SPRING,  Liam TAMNE, Ricardo WALKER, Danny WILLIAMS, Gary WILMOT, Niko WIRACHMAN, Sasha WOODWARD and Silas WYATT-BARKE.


Leo BABET, Jonah COLLIER, Taylor JENKINS, Mia LAKHA, Iman PABANI and Hannah SELK


From 5th November 2020 until 4th September 2020

At Dominion Theatre

Musical fans have all been waiting for this show to open for a little over a year. The Prince of Egypt will definitely not disappoint them.

The show is made up of everything you need to make it unforgettable, no wait, phenomenal! Stephen SCHWARTZ and Philip LAZEBNIK to whom we can respectively thank for Wicked and Mulan or Pocahontas, now give us a new intensely captivating masterpiece.

Faced with a minimalist set composed only of a strip of desert and a dozen stone blocks, we are amazed by the exceptional scenography proposed in The Prince of Egypt. It’s just magic. Special effects combined with visual effects will take your breath away. So when the Hebrews find themselves facing the Red Sea, it is much more than the sea that will open before you… We will not tell you more but you will be totally immersed!

You will be touched by the beauty of the choreography which fits the setting in suave and enchanting dances with incomparable grace. Dancers are sublime in the excellent lighting which reminds us of the Crazy Horse in Paris. It has the same aestheticism and a touch of eroticism that is accessible to all generations. This is a particularity that should be emphasised as reaching such a level by also reaching young audiences is a feat.

« Deliver Us » sets the tone for a quality book and original soundtrack, however, it is « When you believe » begins that something truely magical happens. A pleasant thrill runs through you every time the song – immortalised by Mariah CAREY and Whitney HOUSTON – begins. It is first sung by Christine ALLADO (Tzipporah) and Alexia KHADIME (Miriam) who, together, draw you in immediately. Don’t be surprised if you are reduced to tears from all the emotion especially when the song is sung by the entire cast in Hebrew.

As for Luke BRADY (Moses), it is a blessing each time he sings. He never holds back and yet never overprowering. A masterful, convincing and lively actor.

The Prince of Egypt is a poetic, choreographic, musical and vocal showpiece that goes beyond all expectations..




Experience the epic emotion and soaring music of The Prince of Egypt, the extraordinary new musical from three-time Academy Award®-winner Stephen SCHWARTZ (Wicked, Godspell).

Journey through the wonders of Ancient Egypt as two young men, raised together as brothers in a kingdom of privilege, find themselves suddenly divided by a secret past. One must rule as Pharaoh, the other must rise up and free his true people; both face a destiny that will change history forever.

Based on the acclaimed DreamWorks Animation film, and featuring the Academy Award®-winning, chart-topping song When You Believe, The Prince of Egypt is an exhilarating, powerful and joyous celebration of belief and the human spirit.











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