The Spongebob Musical (review)

The SpongeBob Musical

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Book: Kyle JARROW

Musical arrangements: Tom KITT

Choreography: Fabian ALOISE

Set design:  Steve HOWELL

Costumes: Sarah MERCADE

Lighting design: Ben HULL

Lyrics and musics: Yolanda ADAMS, Steven TYLER & Joe PERRY d’Aerosmith, SARA Bareilles, David BOWIE, Jonathan COULTON, Alex EBERT d’Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, The Flaming Lips, Lady ANTEBELLUM, Tom KENNY & Andy PALEY, Cyndi LAUPER, John LEGEND, Panic ! At The Disco, PLain White T’s, They Might Be Giants et T.I.


Rhys BATTEN, Sam BEVERIDGE, Chrissie BHIMA, Lewis CORNAY, Irfan DAMANI, Eloise DAVIES, Divina DE CAMPO, Sarah FREER, Gareth GATES ou Tom READ WILSON, Richard J HUNT, Reece KERRIDGE, Rebecca LISEWSKI, Hannah LOWTHER, Jeremiah OLALEYE et Eleanor TURIANSKY

until 9 september 2023

on tour in the UK

With The SpongeBob Musical, a series of original artistic disciplines await you. You will be amazed more than once in this other world. An extra moment without any dead time, where on each scene, you wonder what technique or visual/sound effect will be used.


On a background of ecology and crazy music, current themes such as positivity, sociability or the rejection of difference. For example, a land mammal played by a black artist accused without reason of being the source of Bikini Bottom’s ills when, if you think about it, Pearl is a sea-dwelling mammal. This is also the kind of deliciously enjoyable inconsistency in the series. So, yes! This musical is completely nuts. Several times, we even laugh and think: « This is nonsense! I love it!!! ».


The opening number sets the tone: colourful and dynamic. The sound effects are live on stage. The musicians on stage are as crazy as the show… They become actors and singers and are thus integrated into this whimsical and dizzying universe!


Let’s talk about the luminescent Lewis CORNAY. What a performance! Actor, dancer, acrobat, singer… He changes his voice with ease, contorts himself. He finishes by making us shiver on the last verse of the title « (Not just) a simple sponge ». He knows how to do everything and it is the famous yellow sponge that we see through this little guy. The cutest sponge ever! Divina DE CAMPO is perfect in the role of Sheldon J. Plankton. We were dubious about giving this character to a drag, but she makes us shut up. Let’s also mention the incredible efficiency of Tom READ WILSON who was supposed to start the run later and who learned the role of Squidward A. Tentacles in a few days (fond thoughts for Gareth GATES injured during the last rehearsals)


The narration is not lacking in winks to other shows (Fiddler on the Roof, Dora the Explorer…) and many recurring cartoon details complete the masterful tableaux.


The titles play with very different styles but all find their place. Note that they are signed by big names in music: Cyndi LAUPER, Aerosmith, The Flaming Lips… And even a certain David BOWIE!


On the title « I’m not a loser », Carlo offers us a great Broadway number which combines cabaret and tap dancing… except that Carlo is a squid. We let you imagine how many feet it can make. It’s cheeky and successful.


It’s no wonder the show has received so many Tony Award nominations.


It’s worth noting that the timing of all the performers has to be calculated to the millimetre for all the details on stage to mesh so seamlessly to create this organised mess. The topper must be tearing his head off.


If you like the opening, the finale is epic!


Be sure to stop and applaud this musical UFO… packed with fun and talent.


The SpongeBob Musical is festive and crazy!


No… 5 Patrick stars

The story

The stakes are higher than ever as SpongeBob and the people of Bikini Bottom face the total destruction of their underwater world. Lives are at stake. And just when all hope seems lost, a most unexpected hero rises to the forefront. Prepare to plunge into depths of theatrical innovation with The SpongeBob Musical, where the power of optimism can truly save the world!






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