Cabaret (Review)


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Lyrics: Fred EBB

Music: John KANDER


Director: Rebecca FRECKNALL

Choreographer: Julia CHENG

Music supervisor and director: Jennifer WHYTE

Set and costumes: Tom SCUTT

Lightning designer: Isabella BYRD

Sound Designer: Nick LIDSTER

Fight director: Jonathan HOLBY

 Dialect coach: Michaela KENNEN

Vocal coaches: Claire UNDERWOOD and Mark MEYLAN

Cabaret associate director and prologue director: Jordan FEIN

prologue composer and musical director: Angus MACRAE

Casting director: Stuart BURT CDG



Starring :

Taite-Elliot DREW, Jake SHEARS and Rebecca Lucy TAYLOR until 9 march 2024

Michael AHOMKA-LINDSAY, Cara DELEVINGNE and Luke TREADAWAY from 11 march – 1st june 2024


and :

Liv ALEXANDER, Natalie CHUA, Laura DELANY, , Damon GOULD, Teddy KEMPNER, Jessica KIRTON, Beverley KLEIN, El Haq LATIEF, Grant NEAL, Hicaro NICOLAI, Travis ROSS and Wilf SCOLDING 




Rachel BENSON, Ami BENTON, Onyemachi EJIMOFOR, Joseph HARDY, Liz KAMILLE, Andrew LINNIE, Eine McLAUGHLIN, Jack William PARRY, Jazmyn RAIKES, Oliver STOCKLEY and Ena YAMAGUCHI

at Playhouse theatre until 1st February 2025


It was a pleasure to come back to the Kit Kat Club to get drunk and have fun. To abandon ourselves, to leave and to cry…

What happens at the Kit Kat Club stays at the Kit Kat Club. So we’ll try to tell you as little as possible.

First, when you arrive, you’ll need to find the back door to enter the Kit Kat Club. Just before entering, you take an oath not to reveal anything and will have to agree to have your smartphone objectives masked by a sticker of the house (note that this will give you a first good memory that you can keep on the back of your phone)

From that moment on, your Kit Kat Club experience can begin. In a unique place that feels like it has life, halfway between speakeasy and backroom of Victorian inspiration, you will evolve through the corridors and anterooms to stop on the girl, the boy, the androgynous that will attract you the most. So remember to arrive early to fully enjoy this prologue and make the Cabaret experience even more extraordinary. What happens at the Kit Kat Club keep it in at the Kit Kat Club.


The show begins, the cabaret girls and cabaret boys enter the stage under the baton of an awesome Emcee. Sally Bowles enters the light, at the same time provoking and fragile like a porcelain doll. The atmosphere is unique. Forget all the codes of the musical, here we don’t want any. No Bob Fosse, no tap dancing. A whole universe is offered to you. Intimate, indescribable. The use of pastel colors, of patinated materials seem to remind us of a past also tarnished by certain events.  What happens at the Kit Kat Club keep it in at the Kit Kat Club.


Strangely, shamefully, we will be moved by Tomorrow belongs to me. It is well there that this version of Cabaret is going to seek the provocation. The indecency is not in the sex but in the darkness of the soul. Maybe this time is brilliant. In the song Cabaret, we are hustled. At first upset by this version which does not resemble any in the way of singing it. Then a tic! It is a great art, this way of interpreting it is amazing. We will not say more. What happens at the Kit Kat Club keep it in at the Kit Kat Club.

The interpretation of the Emcee is also incredible! It evokes us so many unhealthy and subversive characters under his touching aspect. More provocation! Like a schizophrenic making a spectacle of himself. We will be amazed by all the facets of this black diamond. He will not be the same in any of these performances. We won’t say more. What happens at the Kit Kat Club keep it in at the Kit Kat Club.

We are totally under the spell of Clifford Bradshaw’s performance. Irradiating!

Finally, we would like to highlight the performance of a magnetic and energetic Bobby. Our favourite cabaret boy!

Musically, many bars are stretched. And as often, stretched also means more pleasure: 2h45 of show (excluding prologue) It’s fun, unbridled, mischievous! You will be irresistibly drawn towards the seven deadly sins. Never satisfied with a pleasure that never completely crosses the limit of obscene. Let yourself go, what stays at the Kit Kat Club stays at the Kit Kat Club! You’ll come back to enjoy the show from different angles: At the table or high up, each position will offer a different pleasure.

That’s all we’ll say. What happens at the Kit Kat Club keep it in at the Kit Kat Club. And we haven’t said too much already… And we’re not the ones who are rambling!

Let your dark side draw you in. You will ask for more! Cabaret is a storm in the wind!



In here, life is beautiful !

In a time when the world is changing forever, there is one place where everyone can be free…

Welcome to the Kit Kat Club. Home to an intimate and electrifying new production of CABARET. This is Berlin. Relax. Loosen up. Be yourself.

One of the most successful musicals of all time, this new West End production features the songs Wilkommen, Don’t Tell Mama, Mein Herr, Maybe This Time, Money and the title number Cabaret – with Berlin’s famous Kit Kat Club brought to life through the transformation of London’s Playhouse Theatre.


Credit Photo : Marc Brenner










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