The Little Prince (Review)

The Little Prince

(Article en français pour la version parisienne : cliquez ici)

Direction and Choreography: Anne TOURNIE

Based on the book by Antoine DE SAINT-EXUPERY

Adaptation and Co-Direction: Chris MOURON

Music: Terry TRUCK

Assistant Choreography: Noellie BORDELET

Costume Design: Peggy HOUSSET

Video Design: Marie JUMELIN

Video Projection: Etienne BEAUSSART

Lighting Design: Stephane FRITSCH

Sound Design: Tristan VISCOGLIOSI

Hair and Makeup: Carmen ARBUES MIRO

Props: Aurélie GANDILHON


Starring :

William John BANKS, Dylan BARONE, Aurélien BEDNAREK, Joän BERTRAND, Antony CESAR, Marcin JANIAK, Andre KAMIENSKI, Marie MENUGE, Chris MOURON, Adrien PICAULT, Srilata RAY, George SANDERS, Laurisse SULTY and Lionel ZALACHAS  

on March 4 through August 14 2022

At The Broadway Theatre

The mere mention of the title and its author already arouses in each of us the enthusiasm to discover this show and to make children rediscover this story under a more original aspect. If the narration begins by leaving perplexed, it is forgotten very quickly, our soul of child taking the top on our doubts of adults. The narrator has an incredible gift of ubiquity: not only to narrate the story but also to play each of the characters. During the dialogues, it becomes incredible! Moreover, she sings! We are on a kind of alternative world music as singular as fabulous. It’s like opening a giant music box.

Dance and circus are added to the narration of SAINT-EXUPERY’s work with all the majesty and rigor of these disciplines. So how can one not be moved by each painting? Each of them is very different, using allegory and other seductive visual figures of style. One marvels at the lamplighter where the mastery of the body and the scenography lead us into a reverie. You will be suspended in time and space. One recognizes there the « DRAGONE style ».
The farewell of the rose to the Little Prince is of a fantastic beauty. As for the passage of the drunkard: to describe to you what happens would be extremely complex. You have to live this moment where, despite a somewhat gloomy bottle-green universe and cameo, everything is only brightness, elegance and aestheticism.
Even the brief scene on the echo is not anecdotal: of a complex simplicity!
One is amused by the conceit on a stunning sung title and on a breathtaking visual. One will certainly note a reference to the mad hatter of Tim BURTON. A reference to Swan Lake by Matthew BOURNE is also appreciable: the roses become, like the swans, asexual creations. Judging by the audience’s reactions, this audacity pays off!
The grace of classical dance and the circus prowess are in perfect harmony to offer us a high-flying show.

As with other versions of The Little Prince, whether on stage or in film, the text is respected as if changing one word of the work were a sacrilege, an insult to its author. Here again, it’s all the better!

The technology mainly used is the video-projection. Already seen and overused in musical shows to hide the lack of research in terms of scenography. It tends to become obsolete. In The Little Prince, it is the opposite, it superbly reinforces the high level of research of the movements on the stage. It is as if we are plunged back into the book whose pages come to life before our astonished eyes. As for the images, they are sublime and sublimated.

The time of a show, you will feel like a child in a toy store.

The story

This spring, an unforgettable story becomes an unforgettable Broadway show. Based on the classic book that continues to touch millions, this stunning new production will transport you to a magical world unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

After an aviator descends from the sky to find himself in the middle of the desert, he meets the Little Prince, a young hero on an extraordinary adventure. Join the Little Prince on his journey as he meets many fascinating characters who help him learn how to follow his heart.

A fantasy of imaginative storytelling that combines theatrical stagecraft with aerial artistry, soaring music and electrifying choreography, THE LITTLE PRINCE is a spectacular immersive experience you’ll never forget. Coming to Broadway on March 4 through August 14 only. Don’t miss your chance… take flight with us!







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